Wednesday, February 13, 2013

. . . when the waves were smaller . . .

...for tim, on february 3 with love, always...

"happy anniversary to our friendship at its best"

*kimberly kristin*

...dear tim, 2 years ago this evening, you made one of my dreams come true...

i went to bed at ~5am this morning. i had a peacefully wonderful dream about you!
it was both vivid and surprisingly logical; set in real-time amidst genuine possibilities
i went to bed knowing it was february 3; but it did not re-occur to me until after i had awakened
it was within my first 3 hours of sleep; i know - because i woke up from it ~8am
(o: i stayed awake for about 5 minutes, then i got back into bed and over-slept until ~4pm :o)
i knew i would probably remember dreaming about you, but i was worried i'd forget
all of its detailed significance; so i got up to write it down - what still stood out the most...

this is a synopsis of my dream:
we crossed paths, wherever we were, and you started to walk away
again, like that tuesday in july - the 19th? - by the skate park;
even though you purposely waited for me to see you, before you did that. 
i still smile about that - i didn't follow you, so you waited for me?!
only this time - with help from the angel watching over us, who told you:
"tim! don't you want to also tell her something?! here is your chance!" paused...
(yes, there was an angel - seemingly mediating for us - in this dream!)
you turned back around and came over to me, where i waited for you...
but before we could say anything about anything that had happened before
or that might should happen next
you saw my arm was badly hurt, and instead of speaking, you just started helping me
and suddenly there you were, in my life again, still my friend

(o: yay :o)

this dream makes my heart super happy

(o: i am super happy :o)

i'm very grateful for this special gift; i feel extra-peaceful

...and it's february 3...

* * *

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