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denver punk box set project

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collage by kristin angelique

punk rock archives

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featured set lists
(plus LOTS more at artist/band pages: in other words - i have individual albums for every band i took multiple photos of - and i posted any accompanying set lists in those albums... peace!)

albert hammond, jr. / alejandro escovedo / american music club / badly drawn boy
beck / beth orton / black rebel motorcycle club / brendan benson / charlie sexton
chris stamey / coldplay / courtney taylor / elliott smith / elvis costello
gemma hayes / grant lee phillips / jack dishel & the clocksuckers
jim carroll band / joan as policewoman / justin bieber / kathleen edwards
kevn kinney / kurt vile / love spit love / mark eitzel / nanci griffith
oasis / of montreal / ok go / ours / pernice brothers
rickie lee jones / rooney / sarah harmer / sean lennon / shannon curfman
shelby lynne / smile empty soul / son volt / sonic youth
sparklehorse / superchunk / supergrass / the datsuns
the decemberists / the lemonheads / the music / the rock*a*teens
the waterboys / this bike is a pipe bomb / tommy stinson / travis
vendetta red

(o: there are also more at the punk rock archives :o)

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picture albums index page:

adam green, photograph by kristin angelique

ben kweller, photograph by kristin angelique

cro-mags, photograph by kristin angelique

happy world, photograph by kristin angelique

featured artists:

* denotes interview and/or special feature items

adam green *
ben kweller
*i added 100+ more pictures of ben and his band on 12/23/12*



dots will echo

dressy bessy

hayden, photograph by kristin angelique

jeffrey lewis, photograph by kristin angelique

jesse malin and johnny pisano, photograph by kristin angelique

kimya dawson, photograph by kristin angelique

miracle workers, photograph by kristin angelique

photograph by kristin angelique

ryan adams, photograph by kristin angelique


miracle workers *

i found some long lost photos from that interview session and added them today: 12/18/12

nervous christians

oily bloodmen

rhett miller (solo performances)

the jimmies, photograph by kristin angelique

the moldy peaches, photograph by kristin angelique

the raveonettes, photograph by kristin angelique

julian, the strokes, photograph by kristin angelique

the vines, photograph by kristin angelique

the jimmies

the pharmacy

the pierces

turner cody

willy greer and the heart murmurs

and there's also a "various artists" picture album, featuring:

rachel trachtenburg

akida "junglefoot" dawson

chris stamey

christopher robin donaldson

dashan coram/secret salamander

graham wilkinson

herman's hermits

jimi hendrix

jimmy page

johnny pisano



peter buck

president barack obama

regina spektor



sean lennon (and vincent gallo)

skeeter davis

the faction

tim easton

timothy leary

to live and shave in L.A. featuring andrew wk

vincent gallo (and sean lennon)

interviews and/or special features:

adam green

cro-mags: commentary by parris mayhew (see comments):

xo elliott smith: portland memorial, october 2003:

2 jesse malin interviews:

johnny pisano interview:

miracle workers

suicidal tendencies

tara angell

the deathray davies

thurston moore

brent cole (strictly beats) -- wooden ghost, the moldy peaces, dufus...

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