Wednesday, October 31, 2012

trix and treats in the punkin patch

happy halloween everybody!

* * *

11/5/12: hey i did it - i skipped the skate-park for a day and made it to the library - yay! here is my halloween art ^ -- and now let me add everything to this homepage (or a lot of it) that i have been waiting on since may (the last 6 months have been hella crazy - and this is saying a lot (:o because crazy is pretty much normal for me :o) @ what will soon be, my epic post (see above in a few minutes...) peace peace peace, kimberly kristin

p.s. stage 3 at brooklyn street skate spot is complete - go skate it! - it's super sweet - yay yay yay

10/31/12: hi. first of all: oh please don't let this new post F up my whole home page (sometimes this happens) as i won't be able to deal with that right now...

secondly: i wanted to publish my title now -- it's halloween -- happy halloween! -- but i maybe won't be able to actually do the layout etc today -- not until i go to the library and scan the artwork i have to go with this (i just drew it!) -- plus i drew an awesome picture (yay) on october 13 that i'm super excited about as well... ideally i will make it to the library before they close tonight -- but today (in about 7 hours, i should sleep soon i guess) i will be watching the pouring of concrete at brooklyn street skate spot -- the big day is here -- so that's my first priority. if i do end up spending most of the day there then i might wait until thursday (or friday or saturday...) to go to the library and finish this post -- it will be worth the wait -- but it's really that i want the halloween time stamp because if i had a way to -- i would scan this art and finish this post right now officially on halloween. if i do indeed end up needing to redo my homepage layout then i'll respond as needed, once i finish up this post.

...yay for all the happiness that comes around at times; just when i need it the most...

there's so much i could say right now about so much that's happening -- and all the things i am thinking about -- (o: and sometime i hopefully will do that :o)

last year on this day i saw michael moore speak at an occupy camp in downtown portland. that was awesome.

peace! kimberly kristin

(o: this is me :o)
little rock arkansas
...back in the day...

xo timothy ryan shipp