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all photographs on this page taken by kristin angelique
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* adam green *

top photo taken @ art land, brooklyn, september 2004
above photo: the moldy peaches reunion show @ the hook, brooklyn, october 2004

* * *

a note:  so for the purpose of this page, i am aiming to showcase my favorite individual photographs and to also feature as many different artists as possible - [i haven't scanned all of my photography yet (not even close!) and furthermore - there remain some rolls of film which i have yet to afford the processing of (etc...)]... i am still figuring out whether to include the details at each picture or to enumerate additional information at the end of the page (in a way which doesn't make me have to revise all over the place when i add any new photos to the page...) blah blah blah...

therefore (o: sigh :o) i may not add any info until sometime later - (o: BUT :o) - meanwhile, you can right click any photo and check its properties and it will at least say who the picture is of...

thankxs for reading this far (o: and congratulations :o) *k* 11/17/12

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...this page is a work in progress; to be continued...



all photographs ©kristin angelique


. . . adam green, akida dawson, aladdin theatre (portland), andrew wk, art land (brooklyn)
back in spades, bar matchless (brooklyn), b.b. king's (nyc), ben kweller, ben lee
berbati's pan (portland), big star, billy mercer, blackeyed dog (dean), bluebird theatre (denver)
bo diddley, bossanova (portland), brent cole, brian jonestown massacre, bucky baxter
caitlin cary, cakeshop (nyc), carlos giffoni, christopher robin donaldson, craig nicholls, cro-mags
crystal ballroom (portland), dante's (portland), dashan coram, david ivar herman-dune
death cab for cutie, defiance ohio, dots will echo, doug fir lounge (portland), dressy bessy, dufus, earlimart
echo theatre, emilia cataldo, evan dando, fez under time (nyc), 40 watt club (athens)
gorge amphitheatre, gothic theatre (denver/englewood), hamish rosser, happy world, hayden, idlewild
iggy pop and the stooges, jack dishel, james levy, jeffrey lewis, jesse malin, jet, jodi shaw, john doe, john meggit
johnny pisano, josh ritter, jucifer, julian casablancas, ken bethea, kimya dawson, knitting factory (nyc)
kristin angelique, larimer lounge (denver), liberty hall (portland), liberty lunch (austin)
little steven's international underground garage rock festival (randall's island, nyc)
lola's room (portland), longwave, lucinda williams, martha wainwright, mary lou lord
mercury lounge (nyc), mike serviolo, minus 5, miracle workers, moore theatre (seattle)
nancy sinatra, nervous christians, new york dolls, niagara (nyc), nick valensi, nocturnal (portland)
northsix (brooklyn), n.r.a. (portland punk band), oily bloodmen (portland punk band)
okkervil river, old 97's, onelinedrawing, only son, papercranes
paramount theatre (seattle), patrick matthews, paul pulvirenti, peter buck
pine street theatre (portland), poison idea, pony up!, pretty girls make graves, rachel lipson
rachel trachtenburg, regina spektor, r.e.m., rhett miller, roseland (portland), ryan adams, ryan griffiths
sabala's (portland), sam kassirer, satyricon, schwervon!, sean lennon, sharin foo, showbox (seattle)
sin-e (nyc), smith's olde bar (atlanta), southpaw (brooklyn), stanley jordan, steve earle
steven mertens, stratosphere studios (nyc), sune rose wagner, tara angell, (this is) telephone
the chocolate watch band, the damnwells, the deathray davies, the distillers, the donnas, the faction
the hook (brooklyn), the jimmies, the like, the moldy peaches, the pharmacy, the pierces, the raveonettes
the sexy magazines, the star spangles, the strokes, the vines, the von bondies, the weakerthans
the wowz, thurston moore, tift merritt, tim easton, tim ward, toby goodshank, tommy eisner
tonic (nyc), tony green, tres chicas, turner cody, vincent gallo, voodoo doughnuts (portland)
willy greer & the heart murmurs, wuxtry records (athens), x-ray cafe (portland), zack hickman . . .

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