Monday, November 26, 2012

* yayness *

(o: i drew this :o)

you can click the picture to see it bigger

. . . and i named it: yayness . . .

i just finished this new drawing: i drew it on monday night
(happy birthday christopher robin!) - and i finished all its coloring on thanksgiving
while i was pet-sitting in my own little paradise.

yay yay yay

* * *

hi there: so here i am at the library (with way more to do than i realistically can before they close) and i am going to be adding lots of pictures mostly - i am doing this in stages - various additions at various pages will be taking place in random order mostly... also, though i really don't expect to finish today (i might get half way done if i am lucky) i am hoping to make a special new page for the brooklyn street skate spot - especially because i have so many photographs from there now - (hella much) - making it its own page seems like the way to go right now... more about the details later: first i gotta kick ass on this... i'll update this post asap (maybe not until i get home if i run out of time here) and um, um, um, YAY! later skater and peace out... kristin

p.s. i know i keep wishing for this: please please please don't let my layout get munched while i make these changes... it takes so ridiculously long to fix it and i won't be able to right away: so pretty please with sugar on top? thank you!

* * *

(o: i didn't get all the way finished (yet) but i'm off to a great start :o)

Monday, November 5, 2012

skate away . . .

a thousand leaves

(click me to see me bigger!)

* * *

* * *

© kristin angelique

p e a c e !

november 16

today was a beautiful skateboarding day of magical perfection...
brooklyn street skate spot you are super special and i love you so much.
i am so excited about the new section - it's awesome (o: it's totally sick :o)
i should be getting all the pictures i took of the construction of the new section (etc) developed next week and i will scan them and publish them here just as soon as i possibly can: i am so psyched! i love you skateboarding! peace peace peace *kristin*

november 7

g o o d  m o r n i n g  w o r l d ! ! !

we did it we did it we did it hurray we did it!

* * *

11/17/12 i deleted a bunch of election stuff from this post - now that the moment has passed...
(o: however it was fun updating in real time :o)

november 6 continued...

oh and i want to tell you thankxs michael moore for your inspirational efforts today: you are so awesome! i appreciate your courage, compassion, commitment and dedication to helping to make the world a better place. so much!

* * *

~ 8:15 pm:

i just screamed my lungs out all the way from my mom's porch to the city and if you have ever heard my little baby voice: that's quite an accomplishment

yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay

fucking hell yeah!


thank you so incredibly much ohio!!!
thank you voters!!!

thank you angels!!!
thank you for my prayers being answered!!!

* * *


omg. it's officially tuesday november 6.

i have the highest of hopes; i'm trying my best to screen out my greatest fears. skateboarding has helped me so much to cope...

dear god dear goddess dear universe dear positivity: please please please let this election be fair and free from corruption. please don't let racism derail the great progress of humanity, please let us keep moving forward, please keep us safe, please help us all to do all we can to repair, save and preserve our planet, please help in any way you can to end all wars and to bring borderless peace, equality and unity for everyone - and especially please help the animals in every way you can - help end their suffering and exploitation and the cruelty so many endure - please help all people to be cool and nice.

and please free bradley manning and all political prisoners who have the truth on their side.

thank you!

so much love to you!

gratefully, kimberly kristin

* * *

october 31

happy halloween everybody!

october 12

p e a c e

october 1

i didn't keep count all month, in september, but i know i skated 17 of the last 19 days @ brooklyn street skate spot. i have fun every day skating there and every day i skate it a little better - (o: a lot better today; this month is going to be awesome too! :o) - i LOVE this weather - i hope it can stay like this all month again but yay for all the many days it has been this awesome - what a streak! i have been feeling truly super happy - i still have problems, but they haven't bothered me; i'm way too zen right now - it's incredible - yay. i feel totally copacetic. it has occurred to me how much fun tim and i probably might have had skating together here - but it's super fun either way so i won't complain at all; it'd just be nice if somehow we could someday...

peace always, love kristin

* * *

september 28

i drew this especially for adara


september 24

thank you universe for my very bestest day skating @ brooklyn street skate spot yet! today was so totally rad! yay!

* * *

september 14

september 6

happy birthday tim

(o: i was walking to hawthorne and i saw an awesome flyer: THIS BIKE IS A PIPE BOMB plays @ backspace next tuesday. yay :o)

september 4

(o: wow wow wow michelle obama! your speech tonight was AWESOME :o)


september 4

dear tim: two more days - i should be finished in time with my art project for your birthday; i will try to go to the library so i can upload it for you (at the page i made for you) then. yay: i am done with stage one and ready to start stage two and i can already tell that i love it very much. peace!


august 31

(o: hello blue moon and yay for you :o)

* * *

"Kindness, don't ask for much But an open mind Kindness can cure a broken heart Honey, are you feeling kind?"

august 27, 2012

a few days ago i wrote a message here that i was "probably waiting until i was less severely depressed to say anything else"... and that's still true - except i just thought of this to say - and so i guess i'm already feeling a little bit better than i did then: yay.

...yay for skateboarding!..

...and the awesome weather in portland this week and last week, and for the moon - and for somehow - i don't know how, but i am super grateful for it - that even while being "severely depressed" - i do feel this total joy and peace whenever i skate - maybe it's mostly from the adrenaline, endorphins, whatever - but it feels like magic that i can go from feeling so fucked-up to feeling like "yay yay yay!" skateboarding is the bestest: i love it so much!

(o: cheers for long and winding walks too :o)

alas, i still worry about total homelessness (and EVERY four weeks - since 2009 - and until i can acquire consistent housing i guess - i am inevitably dealing with being able to one more time make my monthly storage payment so that i don't lose everything i have) and i have such a crazy-making life in general, but especially now more than ever! - and i have this broken heart that i didn't intend to get but here it is: i am holding on to the love and the gratitude (and this is important to me to do); i can't seem to shake loose of the hurting and the sadness no matter how hard i try to - it hovers over me...


...worrying about losing a lot of everything, having been totally traumatized a year ago, almost immediately followed by, one of my best friends ever, breaking my heart and setting all this other horrible stuff into motion when he did that... and after that: belle - i know she was an old dog, but i'll never be ok with the way she suffered before she died (and that my mom let this happen) - because it is too terrible... and - total family dysfunction - almost constantly...

...therefore (etc and so on): it's just a LOT LOT LOT to deal with! i am trying to believe it, like i always try to: everything is going to be ok... yet it's definitely a daily challenge to convince myself of this! (o: blah blah blah :o)

yay for my book: i am trying my best to see you through!

(o: wish me luck :o)

august 27 (11:45 p.m.)

dear tim: (o: did this happen because i was so sad earlier? well, gee, thankxs! tonight on my walk @ ~9:30: the most special surprising miraculous moment that was so tailor-made for me - it was beautiful and perfect - i have a new monkey friend - plus plus plus - but the placing and the timing: holy cow wow. yay yay yay :o)

* * *

july 25, 2012

i recently started working on the second draft of my book. the easy flow of words that i am experiencing is very encouraging to me: it's a lucky thing to start out with! i wish that all i had to do every day was to write the second draft of my book - but alas i have quite a few things to contend with (like keeping my head above water); which is why i will need to take a break from as much stuff as i can for a while. i have some cool things planned for my fanzine - that i hopefully won't put off for too much longer - and whenever inspiration strikes for any of my creative projects: i try to seize the moment. yet except for the exceptions - i will be on a sort of hiatus during this time (beginning this week) - and i plan to spend most of my extra time writing writing and writing... yay!

super peace out!


* * *

july 5

t h e  m o o n

...last night i was walking over the st. johns bridge - just as the city's firework displays were beginning. while i still advocate for the money it costs for these fireworks being allocated to something more helpful to the greater good - like feeding the hungry and rescuing anyone who is suffering; aside from that - i do think fireworks are pretty cool... i stopped there on the bridge (as i often do; to take in its majestic view) - and as i stood there over the river enjoying all the encircling spark*ling colors - the most beautiful and glorious vision happened right before my eyes: the full and glowing, golden and rose-colored moon - rose up from the horizon! it was so magical! i have never witnessed anything quite like it. i stood before it and watched it for about an hour; singing its praises...

thank you universe for this truly special and unforgettable moment! thank you so much!
i love you so much! yay yay yay for all that is awesome in you!

love love love,
kimberly kristin angelique

p.s. you saved july for me; i am so grateful to you; yay!

* * *

june 4

* * *

uno de mayo

"if you believe the stars will line up for you; they almost always do." -- you said that to me...

* * *


see you real soon!


pictures of me

by kimberly kristin angelique
february-april 2012

the complete sessions can be seen here:
(@ my pages) 2012 self-portrait sessions part one

more pictures of me: 2012 self-portrait sessions

this is a work in progress


[peace out!]


the complete sessions can be seen here:
(@ my pages) 2012 self-portrait sessions part one

more pictures of me: 2012 self-portrait sessions

this is a work in progress