Monday, January 7, 2013

that space cadette glow

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january 7, 2013: today was DAY 9 for me at roseburg skate park. this is very likely the most awesome start to a new year that i have ever had. i have been having SO MUCH FUN - you'd almost think that i didn't have so many problems. it's true that i have fewer problems now than i did a month ago - and that all sorts of things are getting better for me - both right now and for the foreseeable future (yay) - but i still have a lot of problem-solving ahead of me... oh skateboarding: thank you so much for all the joy you keep showering upon me - you get me so freaking high! ...and roseburg oregon - i'm not sure how long i can stay here and not miss the big cities i'm so used to - but omg - your skatepark is so excellent - and i am super grateful... and for now at least - i am truly happy to be here.

yay and thankxs,

kimberly kristin

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bonne année! je t'aime!

12/31/12: i skated AGAIN today at roseburg skatepark - and to get to skate there this much this week all on its own: yay! especially at yesterday: yay yay yay - but today is new year's eve and it makes my heart extra specially super happy that i get to celebrate by skateboard - the tremendous achievement of making it through this year - not just making it through it, but, coming out of it even stronger and more spiritually connected to everything (more than usual) more than ever before - and i FEEL so awesome (o: and i am looking really good too - so yay for that - skateboarding is great exercise and it makes me glow and it helps me thrive :o) ...i got to skate more days this year than days i didn't get to skate - this = a good year - and to end the year skating - at the most awesome* skatepark i have ever skated in my life = me feeling incredibly blessed and blissed and thankful on this very special new year's eve today, this day. (*i still think you are ultra-spectacular denver skatepark - especially with your red bricks - but it's like this park was specially designed for me: skating pyramids is apparently something i was born to do - and i am only just discovering that! yay for discovering this! plus there's so much space here at roseburg skatepark - for gaining speed to approach things - i like this feature a lot! i like a lot of space - and after skating brooklyn street - and yay for you always brooklyn street skate spot - next to you, this place seems GIANT - but what it is is perfect for me)

-- i can fly!

thank you 2012: for being so much better than the last half of 2011 - :o) - but also for all that was just extra good about you as a year all by yourself - but a lot of sad stuff happened too - it was a tough month - this month especially - for a lot of the planet - but especially here for victims of gun violence - and i would like to say and make a prayer to you 2013 that these tragedies will not be in vain and that they will be catalystic in bringing about an end to this senseless violence for this generation and future generations: please! i still wish for peace for everyone - and for all the animals most of all - they need people to be kind and intelligent more than ever... stop the wars and war violence - and please - something must be done to keep all these victims of war from taking their own lives too. this is very sad. p.s. i am sorry stupid humans ever came up with the idea of property and borders... it sucks. this is everybody's world and we all deserve the best of everything.

happy new year, new year: let's be friends


kimberly kristin

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12/30/12: today i skated roseburg for 5 and a half hours - and more than once during this - i thought to myself: this is the happiest day of my life. dear this day: thank you so much!

love love love

kimberly kristin

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12/29/12: and today again too - for a quite long time - i was flying all over this skatepark - so much fun - today was the greatest day!!! yay! i mean really really really yay - the yayiest yay - thank you skateboarding for making my heart so super happy today!

[ i took some pictures of this place and someday soon i hope to share them.]



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yay yay yay


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* * * joyeux noël et bonne année * * *

je t'aime!