Monday, November 26, 2012

* yayness *

(o: i drew this :o)

you can click the picture to see it bigger

. . . and i named it: yayness . . .

i just finished this new drawing: i drew it on monday night
(happy birthday christopher robin!) - and i finished all its coloring on thanksgiving
while i was pet-sitting in my own little paradise.

yay yay yay

* * *

hi there: so here i am at the library (with way more to do than i realistically can before they close) and i am going to be adding lots of pictures mostly - i am doing this in stages - various additions at various pages will be taking place in random order mostly... also, though i really don't expect to finish today (i might get half way done if i am lucky) i am hoping to make a special new page for the brooklyn street skate spot - especially because i have so many photographs from there now - (hella much) - making it its own page seems like the way to go right now... more about the details later: first i gotta kick ass on this... i'll update this post asap (maybe not until i get home if i run out of time here) and um, um, um, YAY! later skater and peace out... kristin

p.s. i know i keep wishing for this: please please please don't let my layout get munched while i make these changes... it takes so ridiculously long to fix it and i won't be able to right away: so pretty please with sugar on top? thank you!

* * *

(o: i didn't get all the way finished (yet) but i'm off to a great start :o)