Thursday, February 2, 2012

i love you timothy ryan shipp

dear tim,

tomorrow is february 3, but today is the first thursday in february: two ways to treasure the beautiful and special moments we shared a year ago. a magical day which i will always remember. i remember when you looked at me with such sincere sweetness like you did and you held me in your arms like you did, that moment my dream came true...

a year ago today: that is when i knew what was happening between us was not just my imagination or my fantasy... and no matter what has happened since that special day, through all the hurt i still feel and all the tears i keep crying, not for a second have i wished i never met you and fallen in love with you...

yes, everything is pretty fucked up and i maybe won't get my wish to see you again someday, but i truly cherish the friendship we have shared and i am super grateful you made an appearance in my life. i will always love you tim; i will always be your friend.

je t'aime, timothy ryan
au revoir, kimberly kristin

* * * * * * * * *

i built up walls

so strong

how did you get through them

it's like these hidden doors

i never knew were there

just opened up

all by themselves

you are like a magic key

a magic key to my heart

-- kimberly kristin angelique, a poem for tim, circa february 2011

... this was me when i was more like you...

* * *

* i added these pictures (which i took especially for you) on 11/26/12 *
( be continued...)

always and forever, kimberly kristin

[ ]

this is a page i write to you at often. it has helped a lot. peace!
*well i used to write there: i suspended most of the words and kept up the art and other pictures*

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