Friday, August 12, 2011

into the forest . . .

thomas hansen made music under the name saint thomas

i have been sharing his music @ myspace for the last ~ 4 years . . .

i very recently put together this playlist for saint thomas @ youtube

my favoritest song of his is into the forest - not only because it is the first song i listened to by thomas - though that is significant for me - the whole world seemed to change for me - everything was more beautiful to me from that moment on . . .

all of his songs are amazingly special i think.

artist with a brilliant disguise, last word . . .

such a pure and direct songwriter . . .

the thing is - no words i can say will ever/could ever suffice.

my playlist is being weird - not saving my arrangement - i think it's telling me there can be no order to his songs - each one is one in a million.

soon after i first put my music up @ myspace - thomas sent me a friend request - i checked him out - and was astonished by his musical genius. . .

he lived in norway - we stayed in touch despite never meeting - he had just sent me a message - with over 20 songs to review - asking for feedback for his forthcoming album.

soon after this, i learned of his accidental overdose/possible suicide - whatever happened - he died and his death still leaves me stunned and anguished.


there are many things i hope to accomplish before my time on earth comes to pass - sharing this music by saint thomas is one of the most important of them . . .

peace and love, kristin
Saint Thomas
Saint Thomas hi! i'm soon to start recording songs for my seventh album. it would be cool to get input from people about which songs to record....are you interested in listening to the 24 songs and to give me feedback on which songs you think i should record? 12 songs would be cool.....thanks! thomas
4 years ago

to be continued . . .

2/13/12: happy birthday thomas (because you are with us in our hearts forever!)

once upon a time (last year) i tried to paste a comment (from one of my other websites) here by thomas's sister. i was at the library then and i had technical difficulties and was unable to to edit/post comments here. i guess i never followed that up (to try again) and now i am trying to figure out where she posted her original comment... i thought it was at youtube (but youtube reformatted my channel a few months ago and so it's possible that it got displaced)... she wanted me to know that thomas's death was accidental. she didn't say more than that, as for how he died. i want to be sure and share this information here, since i say that i did not know that detail of his death myself. i will hopefully find her original comment sometime soon and will share it so it is in her words. peace!

i made a facebook page for thomas:

xo kristin

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  1. today is february 13 and it's been 36 years since the day you were born thomas: what a wonderful gift you were to this world! peace and love, kristin