kristin boycotts new seasons market (you still suck; it's still on)

No one should try and stop her
Persuade her with their power
She says that her mind is made


...this page is a work in progress: my protest is ongoing...

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(o: you still suck and i still rock :o)

new seasons market semantics dismantled
by kristin angelique

NEIGHBORS make this a super happy place for US: we are laughing all the way to the bank! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…
EVEN if we just mowed you over; don’t tell anyone: EVER (and if you are an employee: remember your contractual vow of silence)
WE make shitloads of money with our logo-ing…

SO… we can afford to take over as much SPACE in your neighborhood as we possibly can
ENJOY this posh experience!
ACCOMPLISHING wonders: our logo-ing strives to dupe existing and potential customers
SUCKERING them into imagining we must be really progressive and placing their financial trust in us
OF course, if we were progressive, we would OPPOSE environment-destroying/multi-death corporations: for instance
NOR would we eagerly sell you toxic foods; it’s your choice which products you choose: we get rich on it all!
SQUIRMING out of responsibility for a plethora of injustice becomes a moot point: were we progressive…

MORE importantly: we tactically capitalize on our charitable front: this style of advertising is brilliant!!!
AT the end of the day we look like “good guys” and we get super-rich!
KEEP giving us your money please!
THE BIGGEST JERKS IN TOWN the biggest jerks in town…New Seasons Market…

(o: these are poster size :o)

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has it really already been three years?!
i am still waiting for your apologies
(o: i am just saying :o)

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dear awesome person:
yesterday - on my way to brooklyn street skate spot - i saw the wonderful ceramic-y moon which you hung at the corner of my (green colored) "boycott new seasons" flyer (which has remained in place for more than 2 years!) and i want to thank you so much for this: my heart is super happy!


peace and gratitude,
kimberly kristin angelique
8 juillet 2013

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dear comrade,

although the beautiful ceramic moon was no longer there one day (at that corner) - because i had taken its picture with the phone i have, and i made the picture of the moon shining down on my flyer as the wallpaper for the phone screen - i am confident when i say: that i have seen your special moon every day...

i wish to thank you again for placing your moon where you did - and even if it had only been my imagination or wishful thinking: that this moon signified a cosmic solidarity: i'd still feel just as grateful - because no matter what that is where you had placed it...and yay that you did that.

when i saw the beautiful ceramic sun - 3 nights ago - placed on that very same corner next to my other flyer (my flyer from almost 2 years ago): it was a magic moment for me; i could actually feel my heart grow stronger... yay for this too and thank you so much!

peace and love to you, kristin
16 janvier 2015

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may 2013

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march 14 2013 update:

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may  2013

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july 2 2012:

this week marks the one year anniversary
of my formal protest against new seasons market.


"You made this blow up New Seasons Market; not me!"

(o: i made some videos - i happened to be in the right place at the right time - it was fun :o)

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April 24 2012:  so this is my last week of my 4 month vacation staying at christopher robin's apartment in the capitol hill neighborhood, in downtown denver. this time away to mostly be creative has been very beneficial to me: i accomplished a lot of projects for my fanzine, i've had all the time i've wanted for just reflecting on things..., and i made about 17 videos (17 if i'm not forgetting any others), i took around 1000 pictures that i posed for because it's the first time in my life i could ever do that and it has been fun and very commemorative too..., but best of all - i completed the first draft for my book - over 1000 pages a beginning to the end - though all of this will be expanded and structured and all the details drawn out and more dialogue added and all those things that will happen in the next draft - but all future drafts will be a walk in the park compared to the 6 years it took me to finish this draft - my first complete draft - a huge accomplishment for me. yay!

next week i will return to portland and yay that i had this time away and yay the most for the peacefulness and harmony i am feeling. but i want it to be known new seasons market: you fucked me over, you slandered me, you totally misled me, lied about me - so blatantly you lied about me - and you went so far as to set me up for false arrest and allowed for the arrest to go through, for it to stand - and you have never once personally/professionally replied to me since june 2011 - nor have you ever conceded what jerks you are and have been for some time and apologized to me.

next month marks a year of when your blows against me began and you have failed to show even one moment's decency in this situation ever since.

let me redundantly remind you that "giving up" is not something i do unless i WANT to (and i don't want to) and standing up for my rights is something i always do even if it is stressing me out and taxing me emotionally because: it is important - and the moment you become complacent - is the moment you lose. whether or not you all (even just one of you: wtf!) ever step up to the plate: and take responsibility - and be honest about your dishonesty so far - is not something i can control; whatever the outcome is, is out of my hands, because that is all in your hands - but that doesn't mean it isn't important to me or the greater good: to continue to demonstrate to you that your actions and behaviors are unacceptable to me and...

...therefore: i will keep on keeping on and whatever it does or doesn't ultimately mean for you: this is not over for me.

just so you know...


March 22, 2012 update:

"Many of the people that have political leanings and are liked by both customers and staff are in danger of this behavior that Ryan has been a victim of. His role in getting health care for ALL of New seasons employees was a righteous endeavor, but marked him for eventual dismissal. The store also employs tactics of removing staff from stores so that firing occurs not within the safe zone, so the company can use hearsay as a tool for dismissal. I know of several others that have been dismissed without proper cause. Good luck to those that are trying to obtain justice and know that there is strength in numbers! If you are courageous enough to like this page, know that you are also following a righteous path."

This was posted to the "Rehire Ryan G at New Seasons Market" page on Feb. 8.

I happen to have once known the New Seasons Market employee who posted it; I learned a lot about how not so progressive NSM actually was from him - long before my own grievance came to its fruition - I have even referred to some of his claims at times, but I withheld his name out of respect for him. I am super happy to see him speaking out, I will go ahead and withhold his name still - but he has used his name for Ryan's cause.

...He had disappeared from the Seven Corners store quite some time before the incident there during which I was victimized; but I had seen him there in an unofficial way, and he mentioned being transferred and none too happy about it; now I wonder if he works for NSM at all. I am telling you this much because I always am being as truthful as I can be (with all due respect to others) and I am mentioning this at all because it is super relevant to me.

I was approached by Seven Corners manager Miguel Rosas-baker (sic?) OUTSIDE the store while I was waiting for the bus for him to announce to me that henceforth I was to be their fucked-over victim...

[My meeting with the "customer advocate" and other henchwoman (Mary Alison Leatart and Claudia Knotek) unfortunately took place across town (which I agreed to; if I knew then what I know now...) inside closed doors at their corporate headquarters.]

In April 2011, a month before the larger incident (May 19, 2011) - I was totally caught off guard, by an employee I thought was my friend (not my friend Tim, somebody else) NOT showing for breakfast at the restaurant like we had pre-arranged, but instead another person  - TRISHA SHOZUYA - showing instead, inviting herself to join me, even without him...

I knew that Trisha worked with both my friends, but I did not realize she was a manager, not that I thought that such a distinction even mattered at first; but what began as seemingly small talk - quickly turned to pumping me for information about Tim - and my friendship with him... It ended with me pouring my heart out and crying as I spilled my guts pertaining to the "situation" which had intensified since Tim had been "taken aside by management and inquisitioned about me" - in late February 2011....

A few days, or a week or so later, Trisha called Tim into her office to discuss with him, that conversation which she'd instigated with me! Tim did not inform me of that until after the May 19 incident.

[Please note that I did allude to Tim, what happened with Trisha myself, before she had any discussion with him, but I hadn't been able to tell him the most important part yet. I had honestly tried to, but a lack of privacy, and other relevant circumstances, prevented us from accurately comparing notes until the greatest damage had already taken place.]

...Also, in an attempt to protect Tim, I had only been truthful about my own stake in our friendship - I had no idea that by protecting Tim - that I was helping to put the nails in my eventual coffin - built from their false accusations...

I also told the "customer advocate" (with whom I met on June 23, 2011) this part of the story, as I have - ever since it happened -  suspected it was an important piece of the puzzle!

I have long held that for Tim to participate in my being screwed over so badly; that there had to be more going on than I realized... That while Tim's girlfriend's jealousy may have initially catalyzed the chaos, that it was something about the dark side of New Seasons Market which led him to react as he did.

It has been these first-hand claims by employees there, coming out of the story of the firing of Ryan Gaughan, which have been frustrating me so much lately - as if there were very important messages here for me to receive - beyond the obvious ones which first met my eyes...

I've never once said that my fight with New Seasons Market is over - far from it - but it has definitely been reinvigorated.

[OK, well this is my status update.]


p.s. saw this again today (3/22/12); it was posted at the same facebook page in february:

"My sympathies to Ryan and all others treated unfairly by NSM's "progressive" policies. When it was Rohter in charge (husband of mayoral candidate Brady), he took me for a walk and threatened me when he found I was organizing the employees. ...We won our ULP hearing at NLRB, got as close as a vote, then he desperately bought out the deciding vote- promoting him to be my new dept. boss.

To Ryan and others: don't be fooled by the crunchy exterior, NSM is in the business of clearing the path for least resistance to their goal: make money at any (others') expense."

* * *

Started on May 19, 2011
1954 SE Division Street.

1. On May 19, 2011: New Seasons Market's Seven Corners store manager, Miguel Rosas-Baker failed to make the right decision after I told him the absolute truth about an incident... involving myself and the girlfriend of an employee on duty there -- who I truthfully shared a more than year-long friendship with: his name is Tim -- an incident which was instigated by and, in my opinion, is 100% the fault of his girlfriend.

I admitted to Miguel that I was doing all I could to protect my friend's privacy, but I was always totally honest about the incident involving my friend's girlfriend. My friend's girlfriend volatile-ly approached me where I was sitting and writing (as a customer) in the store's dining area/community room... She screamed at me, verbally harassed me, and made physical threats against me: I am convinced that she had ulterior motives; but regardless of my opinion -- she was making false accusations against me pertaining to my friendship with her boyfriend and she was calling me names and doing her best to spark a confrontation with me in hopes of getting me trespassed from the store -- she was explicit about her intent to do that...

...I remained uncharacteristically calm throughout this ordeal as I truly cared about my friend and worried that this scene she was causing would harm his job security (at the very least)... I kept my cool and did not take her bait; this infuriated her even more and so she chose to make a dishonest report about our interaction to the management and drawing from her own behavior attempted to spin this incident as being my fault, due to my actions (rather than hers), etc... I made every effort to defend myself against these false charges but was so focused on defending my friend that I volunteered to leave in hopes that this would be the end of it...

While waiting, peacefully (but with a breaking and heavy heart), at the bus stop outside the store front: I was re-approached by Miguel Rosas-Baker who condescendingly and unsympathetically announced to me that a decision had been made to formally trespass me from returning to the store and informed me that "should I return: the authorities would be called and I would be arrested!" ...I found this reaction to be unfathomable as I had -- not only done nothing wrong; I had also made a tremendous effort to quell the situation out of a desire to do what was best for both my friend and the business -- and had voluntarily excused myself from the drama instigated by my friend's girlfriend inside the store...

Miguel Rosas-Baker replied to my dismay by telling me: "We don't actually need any reason (to trespass you)..." Right at that moment, as I began to cry -- because this was so cruel and unfair and my heart was breaking already from having just witnessed my friend do nothing to defend my honor and feeling as if he had just thrown me under the bus -- the bus I was waiting for pulled up and I excused myself and boarded that bus...

As I rode that bus a lot of thoughts were spinning in my head and I felt the greatest sadness... I decided that I could not let my special friendship with my friend end in this way and it felt impossible for me to wait it out... I got off the bus, walked around for awhile (to adjust my timing ) -- and then returned to the block of the Seven Corners store -- and, standing about half a block away; I waited on a corner in hopes of my friend skateboarding home in that direction when he finished his shift...

...That wish came true -- and my friend, though understandably alarmed at first (I had many reasons to be angry with him; but I only wanted to talk to him and try to make peace with him and work this out between us; and I desperately wanted to make certain that he knew my side of the story; that the earlier scene at his work was due to his girlfriend and not me) -- after he heard me call out to him and saw me trying to wave him down, Tim stopped and came to where I stood near that corner, next to a tree, on some grass by the curb... We had just begun talking, he didn't even seem angry with me, and it felt like we might be able to come to an understanding...

Then, unfortunately, Miguel Rosas-Baker happened by us on his walk home... Miguel asked what was going on -- he seemed accusatory in his questioning of Tim -- Tim responded to him, saying: "I guess we're talking it out..." (See my open letter to Miguel, in the following segment below, for more about this; but my specific conversation with Tim -- however transformed it was by Miguel's presence -- is something I wish to try and keep private...) I believe that Miguel, who refused to give us total privacy and uninvited-ly hovered nearby us, whether he selfishly grew impatient or thought he was doing Tim a favor only he knows, but he appears to have called in reinforcement from his cell phone (...Though considering that he hadn't left his phone at home as he coincidentally had told me earlier, before anything involving the incident ever took place, makes him an even bigger liar... FYI without digressing too much.) -- before Tim and I were finished talking -- somebody magically appeared in their SUV; and calling to Tim through their passenger side window: asked Tim if he was "ready to go" -- but Tim ignored this person for a time and continued to speak to me... Tim told me: "I'm sorry it had to end this way."

The driver of the SUV (I never took my eyes off Tim and so I only knew from the voice that it was a girl, I later put things together and realized it must be a co-worker prompted most likely by Miguel) then called out to him again: "Are you ready to go now?"... Tim hesitated but got into the vehicle and I walked in the opposite direction/turned the corner and continued walking away, with tears flowing from my eyes...

2. An exchange of e-mails between Tim and I followed that last peaceful conversation we had, and it became clear to me that Tim had been dishonest with his girlfriend about his friendship with me and in backing up his dishonesty (at least for this reason) he had also been dishonest with his workplace about the "nature of our friendship"...

3. I was distraught for those weeks that followed, and the lies about me seemed to be getting more and more out of hand... I honestly tried to "take the high road" -- and out of loyalty and devotion to my friendship -- I had written Tim regarding my intentions to walk away from the terrible injustices being inflicted on me and leave him to his own conscience with the dishonest and inconsiderate choices he was making regarding me...

4. On June 10, 2011 -- which happened to also be my birthday -- I was riding a bus down Powell Blvd. when Tim's girlfriend boarded the same bus about 20 blocks after I had... I attempted to talk to her -- I wasn't gracious; but I didn't attack her either... However, she went in to her self-destructive (IMO*) mode and tried to humiliate me in front of the other passengers... Calling me names and again making false accusations against me: The driver ignored her attempt to have me evicted from the bus -- and the other passengers seemed to be rooting for me -- I spoke the truth and stated what really happened on May 19 -- I then voluntarily exited the bus at the next stop...

[* If not for her repeated verbal assault against me; I probably would have let things go as I had just told Tim I planned to do on June 6! She blew it for him again...and again...]

...Following that altercation with Tim's girlfriend -- I gave everything a lot of thought -- I concluded that I wasn't going to be able to live with myself if I let Tim's girlfriend get away with her scheming and bullying and total dishonesty... Furthermore, very sadly, I came face to face with the underlying distressing (but now pretty obvious) other fact of the matter: Tim had been setting me up for this, not intentionally I hope, by way of something he must have said that was untrue -- presumably long ago and I only now was putting all these pieces together. This hurt me the most...

5. I slept on all these things -- for about two weeks -- and finally concluded that I wanted to make sure that everyone knew the truth and to stand up for myself with regard to all of these cumulative injustices...

On June 21, 2011: I called the corporate offices of New Seasons Market and said only that I had a serious grievance against one of their stores and upon my referral to a "Customer Advocate" >> I set up a meeting at these offices for June 23...

6. I have covered this already, but to be thorough in this timeline: I will restate that I attended this meeting with Mary Alison Leatart and we were soon joined (previously unannounced to me) by an "upper-management representative", Claudia Knotek... I told Mary Alison and Claudia -- as much as I could in the two hours we spent in that meeting -- about the history of my friendship with Tim; but with a sincere attempt to deflect any intentional wrong-doing on his part regarding this friendship, which took place most often when I visited with him during his shifts at work -- but I also alluded to the ongoing correspondence Tim and I had had outside his workplace, via e-mail, for more than a year...

My main goal was to state that whatever was being said about me, if it in any way suggested that I was at all at fault for the incident on May 19: that this was all untrue; that I was innocent in that regard...

...Both Claudia and Mary Alison assured me that they would look into the situation: "...speak with Miguel and see what could be done to restore me to being a loyal and trusted customer..."

7. The following week I received an e-mail in reply to that initial promise, which was incomprehensible to me -- and I have written here at this blog and elsewhere: so much about that injustice being served to me in such a disingenuous manner -- but to wrap that part of this summary up: I did not take this injustice lightly -- and though I initially sought to work out this new and greater grievance peacefully with Mary Alison/New Seasons Market management -- she stated their intention to uphold their fucked-up decisions and basically blew me off!

After my repeated attempts to work things out with New Seasons Market, and my great effort to put everything into writing to avoid any possible ensuing misunderstandings -- and their subsequent refusal to budge -- I thought of how I could lawfully seek justice... I published Mary Alison's fucked-up e-mail to me (the only personal reply to any of this that I have received thus far) at and then printed it out, mass-duplicated it -- and beginning on the afternoon of June 29, 2011: from a public sidewalk -- I distributed this published e-mail to customers exiting the Seven Corners store and also around the neighborhood...

8. Within just a day or two of launching my formal protest (July 3? I'll consult my notes and follow up on this IF I am mistaken) -- New Seasons Market called the police on me and attempted to have me arrested; but I was not breaking any laws; and the police officer who arrived to take their complaint: conceded that I was within my rights to protest in the manner which I was -- and despite Miguel's futile attempt to get the officer to reconsider -- the officer left me in peace to continue my protest...

9. July 9, 2011: Day 11 of my protest -- I was in the midst of placing informational flyers on the windshields of cars PARKED ON THE STREET -- which now stated: "Open Call to Boycott New Seasons Market" [and listed the 9 most commonly heard complaints pertaining to New Seasons Market's unethical practices (as reported to me by the community during my "public outreach") -- as well as a 10th reason: my personal grievance against them for their arbitrary decision to have me trespassed due to an incident for which I was not responsible -- but furthermore I was the one who had been victimized!...] At this time is when Tim came rushing out of the store (via the Division Street entrance/exit) and he began screaming at me that I had better stop my protesting, etc... I was startled by Tim doing this but not enough to stop what I was in the middle of doing; this seemed to greatly insult him and so -- without guessing what he was actually up to (at the time) -- I finished that single task and then met him on the sidewalk where he stood seething with a seemingly affected rage...

It was (from my perspective) pretty funny: Tim was throwing a tantrum -- and it reminded me of the arguments I've witnessed young siblings have with each other -- except that I didn't match his rage. Rather, I was amused/bemused and I couldn't help but laugh at him -- and unable to resist -- when he stood as close as he possibly could to me and tried to make himself taller (it appeared to be his intent) by standing as straight as he could and doing his best to appear intimidating (he failed miserably at this): I reacted by flicking his baseball cap off; Tim replaced it, and I flicked it off again -- :o) -- at which point Miguel came out to supposedly intervene -- at that moment just before he reached us where Tim and I stood by the telephone pole -- is when Tim said this to me: "You hit me."

Seriously, Tim! WTF?!

Tim then repeated that bullshit accusation louder to Miguel: "She hit me; did you see her hit me?" Before Tim finished that full statement/question Miguel began to answer, "Yes" -- but upon hearing Tim's full accusation he then responded -- "Well, no... I saw her knock your hat off..." -- to which Tim dishonestly reaffirmed: "She hit me."

...That wasn't the full verbal exchange between Tim and I at that time (nor Miguel and I; he seriously pissed me off with shit that he also said to me and Miguel clearly was still missing the point of my protest! This was not about my relationship with Tim! This was about his own actions towards me along with New Seasons Market's upholding of his fucked-up decisions pertaining to me!): but that's the summary...

I DID NOT immediately leave; I still had a few flyers left (o: ...But once I gave the last of these away, I began to walk away... I had crossed the street, and looking back, I saw both Tim and Miguel had returned to that sidewalk outside the store (on Division Street); I flipped my middle finger at them -- and simultaneously I suspected I had just been set up and that the police were most likely on their way -- sure enough!...

...I was about three blocks away, walking down 21st Avenue and approaching Clinton Street when I heard and saw a police car -- with its siren blaring and lights flashing -- drive past me... Wow. It was that moment when I sadly began to lose any last remnant of the once tremendous respect for Tim that I had ever had -- and I can't begin to overstate how depressing that was for me -- and still is...

10. I might be able to attribute this to my (possibly but quite likely) having what is sometimes referred to as "Asperger Syndrome" or it might just be that I so loved Tim (I still do but that's another part of the story) that it didn't fully sink in yet that the whole reason for that scene he staged outside the store was a premeditated tactic to make a charge against me for which I could be arrested (I was also, and this is important: innocent!) -- and so: I unwittingly returned to the Seven Corners store to continue my protest, on the following Saturday...

[OK: Stupidly might be more accurate... Especially since just a short while before this event -- I had been warned by a concerned citizen at a General Meeting for -- that New Seasons Market would likely find a way to have me arrested! I was in agreement with this advice, but having broken no laws, I didn't worry too much I guess...]

...On this particular day: JULY 16, 2011 -- I had only been absent from this daily protesting for 6 days because I had been tending to other areas of my personal life, not because I had been scared away -- and as I am trying to make clear, I did not suspect that I would be in any trouble for returning to continue my legal protest... Therefore, I was in the process of again distributing protest materials on the public sidewalk between the store and Division Street, when Miguel came out -- AND POINTING TO WHERE I WAS STANDING, HE TOLD ME: YEAH, YOU ARE OK THERE... JUST MAKING SURE YOU STAY ON THAT PORTION OF THE SIDEWALK (designating the "line" between the two concrete sections closest to the store, and the two sections where I stood, which were closest to the street)...

...My immediate thought was: WELL, DUH!

I knew I was OK; but I also didn't give a flying fuck how Miguel felt about it!...

I started to get a bad feeling about Miguel's true intent for telling me that; I wrapped up my sidewalk protesting for the day and had begun to walk away, when: police officers appeared and ordered me to halt...

...I "obeyed" (not out of any respect; but because I know the best way to avoid arrest is to cooperate...) their command; I stated that I was within my rights to protest, etc... One officer stayed with me -- and he listened to me narrate the reasons for my protest, etc -- while the other officer went into the store and presumably listened to Miguel lie his ass off... Moments later, that officer emerged -- and announcing that I was under arrest; handcuffed me, and led me around the corner to the parking lot where two police cars were parked....

I cooperated with both officers; but I reminded them that I wasn't trespassing, nor breaking any other laws -- that is when one of the officers informed me that I WAS NOT BEING ARRESTED FOR TRESPASSING! BUT RATHER FOR AN ALLEGED ASSAULT AGAINST AN EMPLOYEE THAT TOOK PLACE ON JULY 9...

...My heart shattered in that moment: how could Tim go so far over to the dark side; how could my special and wonderful friend be capable of such a crime against me?!

I clearly stated to the officer: that this was not at all true... I tried to say what had honestly happened between us that day of July 9: that I had been in the street when Tim came out of the store and that Tim had confronted me - and that I had joined Tim on the sidewalk - and during Tim's rant I had humorously knocked his hat off - and nothing more!

...The officer replied: "That's why we have courts and judges" -- and dismissing my denial -- that same officer (I think, but it's not important which officer) apparently made a phone call to Tim and then came back to the car (where I was being detained by the second officer) and told this other officer that: "I guess (Tim) doesn't want to press any charges after all -- BUT! ...New Seasons would still like to press charges for trespassing..."

[WTF?! I was just moments before -- informed by the police -- that "trespassing" wasn't the charge! Yet here they were -- deciding to make it the charge -- when Tim (gratefully) withdrew his allegations against me! ...In remembrance of this; I honestly don't know why I didn't vocalize my acknowledgment of this bait and switch tactic... I suppose that I just felt helpless -- and understandably, I continued to see it in my best interest to comply with the officers, and like they said: tell it to the judge...]

I was taken to the Central Precinct: I was booked, photographed, and fingerprinted multiple times (whatever!)... After a long wait in a lobby-like area, but in the main area of their operations -- I had my turn speaking to the Recognizance Officer -- it was fortunately agreed upon that I could be trusted to go free, and to show up in court to face the "Criminal Trespassing" charge against me by New Seasons Market...

[The charge was reduced to a "Violation" and the case was later dismissed: by the court.]

11. At about 5:30am, I was released on my own recognizance (or whatever: they let me finally go)... There was not any bus service at that time, as it was Sunday morning; so I walked from Downtown to Southeast Portland -- and without thinking if it was wise to do so -- even though Tim had dropped the charges (the charges were fucking fake and he had been a fucking jerk to make them in the first place!) -- I walked right up to the front door of Tim's apartment and rang the bell twice...

...Tim opened the door, he had most likely been sleeping, and he was shirtless. I noticed Tim's tattoo, which I never knew he had before then... Unless I am mistaken: it was a tattoo of a heart -- with a dagger in it -- and that seemed pretty fitting for my state of mind; WOW...

[As does the song which Tim wrote and shared with me (circa May 2010) seem quite profound in retrospect: "I dreamed I was a pack of wolves..."]

...Tim was -- understandably -- freaked out to see me at his door. Also, it had started raining as I'd walked there, and so by then I was dripping wet... Tim quickly shut the door in my face; but I expected that... My only intention for arriving there when I did: I had come there to show him I had rightfully been set free -- and most of all -- to tell him this:


12. I appeared in court on July 19, 2011... Due to poverty, and the fact that no attorney would be appointed to me by the court because I was being charged with only an apparently very minor misdemeanor; I willingly bargained with the judge for my freedom and accepted the only choice which guaranteed my case would be dismissed... I was told I could plead guilty in exchange for the dismissal (huh?) -- in addition to performing 4 hours (I think he said 4 hours...) of "community service".

...I don't know what the official record shows; but this is how I handled that preposterous offer: I stated that I was definitely "NOT GUILTY" -- I made my official statement about having been falsely arrested, describing how the charges had been switched after the initial charge had been dropped, that even so -- I would, with pleasure -- perform the assigned community service as I personally have great respect for serving one's community -- and for the record; I also added this: That it is my personal belief that my protesting has been in itself: community service! ...That I have felt it to be my civic duty...

(o: Soon after leaving the courthouse, I returned to the Seven Corners store and continued my perfectly legal protest, with an even greater passion than before BOOYAH! :o)

13. I was offered a fair amount of time to perform the assigned community service -- but I requested to do it as soon as possible; the day after the next -- as if angels were looking over me through all of this; when I reported for that assignment: the crew leader had failed to show! I was told that I was free to leave -- and that by just showing up -- I had fulfilled my obligation! The court officially dismissed the case New Seasons Market leveled against me on August 16, 2011.

So this is where I want to say -- "Na na na na na" -- to New Seasons Market; but absolutely with this caveat: None of that -- Tim dropping those fake charges, the court dismissing my case, nor my never having to perform the assigned community service -- NONE OF THIS: exempts you from your crimes against me! Nor my wrath against you! -- where your corruption is concerned: WORD!

But still >> New Seasons Market: Yay for my freedom and yay for your failure and yay for this one true justice prevailing in this huge ordeal for which your corruption is fully to blame!

I now rest my case against you; but my protest lives on...


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

article 1:

this is the e-mail i received on behalf of new seasons market management
june 27, 2011

Dear Kristen,

I want to thank you for coming to our Store Support offices to share the details of your difficult, genuinely painful experience at our Seven Corners store. It showed a high degree of trust in Claudia and myself - belief that we would truly hear you.

Indeed, trust is at the very core of this dilemma. Therefore, I feel confident in proposing a clean, simple resolution to a very confusing sequence of events. You deserve a fresh start devoid of uncertainty and mistrust.

I envision that fresh start including a neighborhood store which is not a part of New Seasons Market. I am concerned that returning to Seven Corners (or any of our other stores) would entail continued feelings of discomfort - the sense that you might have to prove your innocence, so to speak. To the contrary, it would be to your advantage to shop or enjoy a meal in an environment where there are no unpleasant distractions. This would allow you to redirect your abundant energies toward your art, interest in working with children, and overall happiness which is of prime importance.

In keeping with this call for a fresh start, we support Miguel's decision to permanently preclude you from visiting our stores. And, since we are obligated by store policy to call authorities if this request is not honored, we must remind you of this consequence for returning to any of our locations.

I'm very grateful that you voiced your need for clarity so that we could work together toward a positive, concise resolution. Again, thank you for your trust.

Mary Alison Leatart
Customer Advocate
New Seasons Market

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

article 2:

this is the flyer i was distributing at the time of my FALSE arrest

open call to boycott new seasons market
author: kristin angelique

I am collecting and compiling complaints - and important/relevant stories - etc...
- for the boycott, which I am organizing against New Seasons Market. Also - if you want to help me to organize this boycott - please join hands with me - and please tell all your friends (o: Thankxs!

Here is an ALPHABETICAL list of 9 recurring complaints reported to me so far, by different people, although some people had multiple complaints. I added one more to this list. Please help me add your complaint to this list and/or to confirm the information, which I have gathered here. Thank you very much everybody!

1. New Seasons Market CENSORS ART

Google this story for many more links!

2. New Seasons Market tried to screw over a BICYCLIST hit by one of their trucks

[Note when this announcement is made!]

3. New Seasons Market sells products from CHINA - without any supporting factual information regarding the labor and environmental standards behind these products...

4. New Seasons Market sells COCA COLA products
(Any educated person should get how very - not at all - progressive this is!)

*5. New Seasons Market has a shameful personal/business relationship with a FACTORY FARM = Bad environmental impact and unhappy cows

(this is all the reason I need!*)

6. New Seasons Market has consistently interfered with the FREE SPEECH rights of a former customer who has been protesting against their Seven Corners store...

(That person is me!)

[* Update! That person is me - and this includes calling the police on me, 4 times! - and having me falsely arrested, on July 16, 2011!]

7. New Seasons Market refused to meet with boycott advocates/refuses to oppose Israeli apartheid
Link to

8. New Seasons Market sells products manufactured by NESTLE
you can google this for more info obviously...

9. New Seasons Market has security/personnel, which follow around certain customers, on a regular basis. Persons whom New Seasons Market presumes "fits the profile" of someone likely to SHOPLIFT (i.e. poor, anarchist, etc) - multiple accounts of these experiences reported to me! Has this happened to you or anyone you know? (According to 3 sources - they seem to be in "plainclothes" - as well.)

10. New Seasons Market is NON-UNION
[This is a story - that they are anti-union actually - that's been put under an even harsher light lately and is the subject of hella present-day local news... Googling this should bring up a lot of information.]


disclaimer: you don't have to agree with, or think these are good reasons for, people shopping less at this business - or just as importantly, i think - encouraging this business to live up to their motto: "the friendliest store in town"...

nobody is telling you what to do, or not to do - and again, except for my own animal rights philosophy (which is always strong at all times) and personally experiencing my rights being violated (MANY TIMES, since may 19) by the store's management - this list is what other people were complaining about, when i was talking to them, between june 28 and july 10. while, i do agree with the validity of these complaints, and acknowledge their own unique worthiness - it is my passion for helping animals - and my code of honor for standing up to bullies - which personally compels me to protest this store, on what i suppose is a larger scale, than i have been since june 28...

i am not dissatisfied with just passing out literature; rather i am not willingly passing up, a seemingly destined chance, to call for a critical mass of people - to speak out about the personal choices we make, when we go to the grocery store, and make profiteers richer - without grasping what goes on behind the scenes, in the making and marketing, of what some people call products - and what those of us refuse to accept animals being labeled as. animals are not products; animals are people, too!

i happen to believe that new seasons market is being unethical - in a multitude of ways - and to answer a good question: why single them out? well - they have been acting like absolute jerks for one thing - and they made this very personal for me, in doing so - but more importantly, in the bigger picture - i see preparation meeting opportunity. i also see, in their vast array of many otherwise, often like-minded customers - what might be a perfect voice against such behaviors - and an even wider audience, which might finally be willing to collectively listen.

most of all, i want to tell people about all these poor cows, living on two poorly characterized factory farms, which are closely affiliated with new seasons market, and how they are not happy cows! at the very least, they are being out-crowded by their own excrement-- this is shameful! according to their neighboring farmers: these cows are allegedly not getting much, if any, fresh air and/or quality time outdoors...

i have more to learn - and it might take a series of actions and inquiries for this all to come out - in order to really help these cows... i am just one person (that i know :o) - who is willing to try to make a difference - at this moment that is now. this is where i decided to start; i don't have a manifesto or a master plan - just an extremely strong feeling - that there are some cows who need our help.

peace, kristin.

"1-star rating
• Pacific Natural Foods - Buys soybeans from China and refused to disclose the name of the organic certifier in China. Refused to respond to questions about the certification of their "organic" soybeans. Cornucopia wonders whether Pacific Natural Foods is engaged in "a marketing gimmick" when it claims its products are "Certified to the Source." (Certified by who?)"

O P E N C A L L F O R A L L C O M P L A I N T S & S T O R I E S

(Substantiated reports are best, but don't be afraid to speak up!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

article 3:

my "mission statement" and most widely distributed protest material

New Seasons Market fraudulently slogans themselves to our community as "the friendliest store in town". Naomi Klein calls this manipulative maneuvering "logo-ing". I do not think they are sincerely friendly. I think they are masking their capitalistic motives; I think they are jerks...

New Seasons Market censors art.

New Seasons Market tried to completely screw over a bicyclist hit by one of their trucks.

New Seasons Market co-founder Chuck Eggert owns, and the markets profit from, 2 factory dairy farms where hundreds of unhappy cows are drowning in their own shit...


New Seasons Market refuses to oppose and profits from Israeli apartheid.

New Seasons Market is non-union (word is that they are also anti-union)...

New Seasons Market markets themselves as "progressive" yet sells unsubstantiated products from China, as well as products by Coca Cola and Nestle. They have a butcher shop in each of their stores; this is not friendly! And it makes them even bigger hypocrites for championing themselves as "leaders in sustainability" . . .

New Seasons Market arbitrarily trespassed me and then tried to suppress me when I sought to expose their hypocrisy. Following this I protested against them for being so unfriendly – from a public sidewalk – and they attempted to entrap me while I was distributing protest materials. They violated my free speech rights and are responsible for my false arrest for their dishonest claim that I was guilty of “criminal trespassing.”

[...The court dismissed my case; but that is not the point!]

...New Seasons Market is on PR frenzy overdrive because one of their owners – Eileen Brady – is hoping to maneuver her way into being the next mayor of Portland (though she appears to be totally unqualified!) – by using the facade of New Seasons Market's “friendliness and progressiveness” (and of course their economic success) as her platform...

My name is Kristin Angelique. New Seasons Market has tried very hard to bully me and scare me away: Yup; they failed.



I will be truly grateful for your hopeful support in boycotting New Seasons Market; or at least telling them why they TOTALLY SUCK!

Insist that New Seasons Market walk their talk; call them out for being the CORRUPT LIARS that they really are...

Please don't be a sucker for their empty hype!

Consider this: If a business tremendously inflates prices for huge profits: then it's not any sacrifice to throw a few charitable crumbs around... (especially when said business spends an equal amount, if not greater amount, boasting about it: imo; it's an investment - not - true kindness...)

In my opinion: New Seasons Market doesn't "give back" to the community; it's their RIPPED-OFF customers that do!

[PS: All one really needs to do is look at New Seasons Market's products mission "from Frosted Flakes (to other shit)..." to see that they are obviously disingenuous when it comes to caring about their customers - yeah, they care a lot about you - about getting your money by any means possible...]



* * * * * * * * * * * * *

on july 31 2011 (2 weeks following my false arrest): i felt super lucky when i was invited to take part in a first-run youtube promotion "get into movies" - taking place at pioneer square in portland.

(o: i was in the right place at the right time; it was "all happening" :o)

selecting from 3, of 4, preordained "scenes" - i put my own spin on each of them - and made what became my first three "boycott new neasons market" videos... you can see them here:

i wrote this whole story out - as a series of chapters - beginning in september 2011 and continuing through january 2012.

My Thesis, Postscript

My main purpose is twofold:

To demonstrate how I was unjustly trespassed by a New Seasons Market Store Manager and subsequently victimized by the Upper Management while attempting to seek resolution with them. During the course of this procedure (which was verbally provided to me by the corporation’s representative, to whom I first inquired), I found myself placed in the harrowing position of enduring further humiliation: I believe that their suppression tactics were deliberately employed to traumatize me;  I know that I was intentionally, falsely arrested. This business which markets and promotes itself to the public as being genuinely progressive and “the friendliest store in town”, purposely lied to police.  

An equally important purpose for this presentation is to defend myself against, and prove myself innocent of:  the slanderous, disparaging untruths and false accusations targeting me during New Seasons Market’s failed public relations attempt to blame the victim; portraying me in an intentionally scathing, negative light – on the global internet – as if to suggest that, were their statements actually true;  the conclusion should be that I am deserving of the punishing acts and consequently unworthy of justice. This public relations statement had been openly published in July 2011; authored by the same “Customer Advocate” who disingenuously represented herself as being my actual advocate when we first spoke on the phone, and again when I met with her at the Corporation’s Headquarters (a meeting she arranged for me).

I further assert that – even if their character assassination of me were not a deliberate fabrication – nobody deserves to be treated as grievously as I have been by New Seasons Market. It is significant that they were dishonest, and therefore, I am certainly not deserving of such severe treatment; I maintain that New Seasons Market’s bullying, intimidation tactics and harmful actions – aimed at anyone – is telling evidence of their corruption.

* * *

…I did not draw up a blueprint of how to best defend myself in a way that might hopefully assure me of immunity from all future embarrassment. If anybody has any sage advice for how I might better go about doing this, please send me an e-mail, no matter how far down the road it gets to be…

I have never considered not defending myself – no other option seems acceptable to me – but, I did not immediately rush to tell the whole truth while carelessly tossing others and their presumed desire for privacy aside. 

Although the best course of action for me instinctively involved telling the truth at all times – I did sincerely try my best to leave other involved persons out of the story as much as I could without not telling the truth at all times. My aim was not to make anyone else suffer along with me – even if they were among the primary instigators of this snafu.

So as not to be remiss – I admittedly felt no sympathy for New Seasons Market as a corporate entity, and I clearly stated that, more than once, but I did not feel vengeance toward their employees or other customers. For the longest time, I limited any exception, to the two main perpetrators who began this whole ordeal with their dishonest acts.

Having said that: I harbored strong, personal, romantic feelings for one of these individuals and the other one I wanted to give a good kick… But, to tell the truth about either of them involved telling the truth about both of them, and it quickly became successively more complicated.

My overall objective had been that, ideally, once I told the whole truth – that all of my detractors, even the management at New Seasons Market, would clearly see how/why all these misunderstandings arose in the first place: How one employee’s lie – which had led to another lie (this lie was then repeated to others; spreading about as it grew) –  had brought all these different people to be misled, to jump to false conclusions, and consequently, to make mistakes in their judgment, causing them to behave badly...

I had taken this approach from the beginning – when I first open-published to the internet, the official ruling by New Seasons Market (as stated to me in an e-mail they issued a few days following our face-to-face conference) and from then on – earnestly trying to uphold this ethic – as I replied to the combative and/or taunting comments in reply to my post, and/or other comments which I’d posted in response to someone else’s comment... My efforts produced disastrous results.

Some of these antagonists may have been legitimately random people who found the discussion interesting enough to participate, with or without good intentions; but it seemed to me that these comments were deliberate attempts to get me to back down, rest my case, and bail out… While others seemed intent to personally hurt me with their remarks.

This was both before and after New Seasons Market erred in posting a hurtful comment which, while meant to smear me, reflected more negatively on their public image than my personal character, in my opinion. I believe that it was a bad move for them to have made, and it came with consequences. But I did not retaliate by squelching my own ethics, nor did I regard the other persons most closely involved as being collateral damage. Instead, I pleaded once again for these individuals to take their share of responsibility in the greater misunderstanding and particularly, own up to the full-blown lies which they had constructed in an effort to make their invented story stick together. I pleaded to no avail.

In conclusion:

This is my truthful account – at my own personal website; no outsider comments permitted – of how this whole mess got started. This is my side of the story. I decided to start at the very beginning – not with the purpose of boring anyone to death – for the purpose of attempting to eliminate any ambiguity.

It should be noted, however, that while the need for more revisions will become more and more apparent, should you continue to read further: At this time, I am done.

I have long ago moved on: Today, upon revisiting a rule-book for writers; I thought of this work of mine, how three years later it remains here in cyberspace, still not meeting all the set standards… I had a nice laugh. Then, quite spontaneously, I declared that I might at least finally state my thesis: this is that effort undertaken and hopefully achieved. Thank you dearest reader…

P.S. New Seasons Market totally sucks!

-- Kristin Angelique, September 2014.

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p.s. yes i know that tim is actually in boston at this time...

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